Sci-fi Composition

I wanted to try to draw a post-apocalyptic city in ruins. It was a huge challenge, and I ended up covering most of the city with the foreground elements, but that's ok. All in all, it took about 45-50 hours.. Yeah.. I'm gonna go rebuild my social life now. 

Self Portrait

Though this is a caricature, this is pretty much the expression you're gonna get if you try to explain anything to me. 

Robotic Witchdoctor

Our assignment was to design a character from a list of specified genres. I chose to design my interpretation of a futuristic Robotic Witchdoctor Villain. 

Character Design

This was my first assignment I did for my Digital Illustration class this semester. He's an old war veteran fighting to survive during a zombie apocalypse, though he's convinced it's a Chinese invasion.

Another Acrylic

I had a lot of fun doing this one! 

Acrylic Painting

I sold this in Chicago last summer when I was selling art on the street. 

1 Point Perspective

My little back story was that the clown killed a hooker in China Town.

Doom Panda

This was a character design I did during my first semester at the Academy. This idea was later made into a stop-motion puppet.